Serve Now: Covid Relief

Our Response to Covid-19

As the Covid tsunami wreaks havoc across India’s villages, we’re sending emergency aid to our native pastors and their poor neighbors. Your gift will provide:

Help for pastors’ widows and their children,
Medical supplies,
Other emergency needs.

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What we have done so far

Since the start of COVID-19 last year, we have been working. But there is more to do.

Grocery packs distributed among migrant workers and downtrodden families

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"Hospitals are full, oxygen supplies are dwindling, and sick people are dying as they wait to see doctors. As workers leave locked-down cities for their home villages, experts fear that the exodus could accelerate the spread of the virus in rural areas, as a similar one did last year. Official estimates of the nationwide infection toll — well above 300,000 a day — are probably undercounted, epidemiologists say. The reported figure will mostly likely rise to 500,000 cases a day by August, they say, leaving as many as one million of India’s 1.4 billion people dead from Covid-19. Charities, volunteers and businesses in India and beyond are trying to help the country’s Covid victims and frontline workers."
- Mike Iyves New York Times, May 12,2021